Saturday, December 20, 2014

10 for the End

A twist cone of my year end Top 10 Peeves and Favorites. A little of this, a little of that, no particular order, no particular sense.

All Peeves Please Step Forward

Things I pondered far too frequently in 2014, which I probably shouldn't admit.

  1. Myers Briggs - I would think no explanation is needed here, but it keeps coming up. As a real thing. Totally defying all logic and blowing minds everywhere. So on the list it goes.
  2.  Cars With Small Back Windows, Cords, "Girl" Colored Legos, Yoplait Yogurt Caps, Disney, and Daylight Savings Time
  3. Believing People Don't Read - Maybe more aptly titled Social/Online/Digital Sites Everywhere Ruining Critical Thinking and Soon We Will All Be Zombies. Except it's not true. Enter exhibits A-F:
  4. All Things Generational - For this I'll simply refer to the brilliance of Clark Quinn:
    Generational differences and ‘digital natives’ are two related others. Again, the research shows no validity. It’s really bigotry by age; treat people by what they know and care about, not their years on the planet. 

The Good Life

Luckily for me 2014 was awesome and there was much that inspired delight and happiness.d

  1. PBS - In the few moments I wanted to watch TV, PBS was always there for me with something thoughtful, creative, or beautiful to watch.
  2. #Lrnchat at Learning Solutions - My first major conference, my first time presenting at a conference, and my first time #lrnchatting at a conference. Can't wait for a redux in 2015, when I head back to Florida, present at Learning Ecosystems, and hopefully join in more tweetchats.
  3. Feedly, Twitter, Delicious, Storify, MindNodes, and the Iphone 6
  4. Montessori Schools - My child started school this year and I couldn't be happier with his school, integrating creative learning approaches, mixed age classrooms, healthy snacks, and play.
  5. CSAs - I didn't get a CSA this year and sorely missed the bounties of organic, colorful and fresh vegetables. I add it to my list as a reminder for the upcoming year. Luckily I have a wonderful farmer's market nearby in summer and a winter version as well to get me by until then.
  6. Books, books, books - From my local library, to Oyster, to B&, and Boswell Books in town, my life has been full of great reads.  A few favorites include Hollow City (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children), The Magician's Land, American Gods, Skin Game, The Weirdness, Jewelweed, and The Rise and Fall of Great Powers.